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Insurance agency services are the end result of insurance agreements in the name of a certain insurance company and in accordance with an insurance agreement. In addition to that, insurance agency services include services such as assistance with the preparation of documents, the processing of documents, the preparation of bills of lading and insurance policies, the collection of premiums and payments, and the endorsement of insurance policies. In the United States, insurance agency services are mostly utilized by insurance companies, although some companies also have their own insurance agency. They also can have other insurance agencies contract to work on their behalf, but normally it is the insurance company that hires these third party companies. For more details click Wilkinson Insurance.

A licensed agent can be an individual who has been a licensed agent since before arriving in the state or a corporation which has been licensed by the state to carry on its business. The latter is commonly known as a corporation or a limited liability company and is usually considered to be the same thing as a partnership. But there is one big distinction between the two. In the latter case, one person serves as the sole owner of the company while another is technically a partner but has the same right to manage the company. On the other hand, a license agent is actually an agent of the insurance agencies and holds the exclusive right to transact and perform all the works relating to insurance on behalf of the insurance agencies.

A licensed agent can be a person who is licensed to engage in the insurance brokerage business by virtue of holding a current license issued by the Department of Insurance. However, a person can also be an agent if they have met the requirements of the state that they live in. In Texas, for example, agents have to pass examinations and take a written exam before they can get their license. Aside from that, it must be proved that they are conversant with all the insurance clauses as well as the policies.