Web Conferencing – Know More

Web Conferencing can be defined as a set of interactive computer mediated dialogues that use video and audio to deliver messages and information between people in different locations. Web conferencing has the ability to save both time and money as well as facilitate communication across distances which used to be very difficult. It also provides business users with a cost-effective way to hold meetings with clients and colleagues while maintaining strong ties with them. Web conferencing services can be arranged through hosted servers provided by Internet service providers (ISP’s) or you can host the conferences yourself. visit my company

A Web conference allows people to communicate in real time, using screen sharing technologies such as screen shake and screen sharing gestures. This enables participants to view a shared picture in either split screen or full screen mode from almost any location, at any time. It also allows participants to see each other through a remote connection, as long as there Internet connection is available. In addition to this Web conferencing allows users to send audio as well as video information, with the participants being able to view, download, or receive these messages on their screens. All of these features make it ideal for conducting business meetings and training sessions, educational seminars, collaboration among team members, and conducting interviews.

A web conference bridge is a special tool that enables you to connect to a Web Conferencing service that uses the Internet to create a video-conference room, in much the same way you would connect to a conventional video conference room. A conference bridge is installed on your network and uses the IP address assigned to you by your Internet Service Provider or ISP to connect to a Web Conferencing service, so all your participants have access to the same video and audio transmission. To make sure your video and audio conference experience are as smooth as possible, it is recommended that you use a good quality camcorder to record your conference, and also that you use a microphone to broadcast your voice.