Search Engine Optimization For Google Local Business Results

“Local customers already search Google for the items and services you offer,” Google says, so I’m not sure why more small business owners don’t take advantage of these listings’ revenue-generating potential. Have you set up your company listing so that your customers, and especially potential customers, can easily find you?
If you haven’t already, take a few minutes to read on to see how much business you could be missing out on. google my business optimization┬áhas some nice tips on this.
Let’s start by defining Google Local Business Listings and how they differ from traditional organic search results. Google Local Business Results are distinct from organic or pay-per-click listings in that they often only appear when a user searches for a service-oriented business followed by a city. A Google Maps will appear alongside up to ten URLs, each with a phone number.
If you need more than 10 results, click the “More Results” button, and you’ll be brought to a map on Google Maps with alphabetically lettered red pegs for each register business. It’s no secret that being included on Google Maps and/or Google’s Local Business Listings is becoming increasingly significant, as they’re showing up in searches with up to ten listings even before the organic listings appear.
A small company owner or entrepreneur can take a number of relatively basic actions to increase traffic to their website and attract new customers to buy their products:
Make sure to list yourself in as many local directory websites as possible for free. Setting up reciprocating links, which typically bring little to no value, or paying for links in directories are two things I rarely endorse. However, if there are any local directories that provide free nonreciprocal link alternatives, you should definitely take advantage of them.
When writing a description of your company on a third-party website, always include your phone number. According to research, Google may use your phone number to increase the results of your local company listings, similar to how they utilise links to increase organic search engine ranks. Updates like this are fairly simple for those of you who use WordPress for your website.