Regular Garage Door Maintenance Keeps Your Door in Top Condition

Most people think that they can get by with basic maintenance to keep their wood garage door in top condition. However, this is simply not the case. In fact, a door made from wood is much more complex than a door made of another material. The reason for this is that a wooden door needs to be kept as tiptop as possible. Garage Door Maintenance has some nice tips on this. If you leave your garage door dirty then you will cause considerable problems and may even damage your door.


Wood garage doors require a slightly different regular maintenance routine than other doors. For starters, an improperly oiled door can be restored to near-new condition by giving it a light coat of shine. As an added bonus, such a repair job can also bring your old or damaged door back to life with a little TLC. For example, you could scrape off flaking paint and give an aged wood garage door some fresh new color. If you wish you could also give your doors a real polish and wax treatment.

Even if you maintain your garage door regularly, you may not want to limit your regular maintenance to oiling the tracks. Garage entry doors involve springs that work with a track system. Although the springs do not actually flip the door open or closed, they exert pressure on the door causing it to move along the tracks when the opener is pressed down. If your door has a rough exterior finish or is dented or scratched in some areas you may want to give the tracks a thorough cleaning to remove built up dirt and dust that can reduce the effectiveness of your door opener.

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