Pilates For Beginners

Pilates is basically a body conditioning system developed in the mid 20th century by Joseph Pilates. Pilates named his system “contrology”. It’s basically practiced around the world, particularly in Western countries like Australia, Canada, the United Kingdom and the United States. It combines various exercises to improve flexibility, posture, muscle strength and core stability. Pilates is also used to help patients recovering from injury and gives them back-up for their spinal cord.Visit Waterloo Pilates for more details.

One of the greatest benefits of Pilates is that it offers a complete body workout that builds strength, improves balance, elongates and lengthens the muscles without any equipment. When you exercise with Pilates, you have to do all the exercises standing and without using any equipment. Pilates exercises are based on network and breathing techniques to increase strength, develop flexibility and lengthen the spine and neck. When a person does this type of exercise, they will discover major muscle groups around the hips, back, buttocks and shoulders that they had not been aware of. The core abdominal muscles that are a key component of the Pilates workout become very strong and effective.

Pilates training is an excellent introduction to fitness, but to reach your fitness goals you need more than just a good DVD or workout at home. Start a program with your doctor to make sure your body can cope with the demands of a regular Pilates workout. Remember you don’t need expensive machines and expensive music when you’re getting an exercise program with Pilates. Pilates will improve balance, posture, muscle strength, and core strength – without costing a fortune.