Parenting Plan- An Analysis

In any separation or divorce situation, it is important to have a parenting plan so that there is less confusion and less tension among parents. Creating a parenting plan, though, may not be easy. Because it may be difficult to make your plan from scratch and do it on your own, there is an option to use a template or example plan that makes it much easier and a lot less stressful. A template for a parenting plan may be basic and of generic design. This is good for parents who already have most of their information and have a good idea as to how they want their plan to work. There are also templates and samples that are extremely detailed and have sections for just about everything, including ideas and suggestions to make the plan most effective. This is good for parents who just do not know where to begin or for parents who need to make a plan quickly. It is difficult to say which type of template is best. Each type is effective for different parenting situations. hop over to this website
So, what makes a good parenting plan template? In order for any type of example or template to be effective, there are certain sections it should include. These sections are (but not limited to):
Parenting time schedule – This is a schedule of time each parent spends with their children. This is also known as a visitation or custody schedule..
Children’s schedules – There should be schedules made for each child. These should have information about the children’s activities, school functions, sports activities and doctor appointments.
Transportation and exchanges – Information about who pays for transportation, where and when exchanges are made and any other travel arrangements should be part of the plan.
Medical and dental care – Information about the children’s health care, including primary care provider(s), insurance coverage and how out-of-pocket medical expenses and deductibles are paid, should be part of the plan.
Vacation and holiday schedule – A separate schedule for holidays, school breaks and vacations should be made. This schedule takes precedence over the regular schedule.
Dissolution of disputes – Resolutions for parental disagreements should be included. Prior disagreements and their resolutions should also be noted for reference.
Provisions and other information – Any provisions such as right of first refusal, and any other important information about the children should be included.