Painting Kitchen Cabinet – An Insight

Everything from greasy hands to cooking oil to nasty spills ends up in your kitchen cabinets. They take a lot of punishment. Painting kitchen cabinets may be a cheap and simple option if your kitchen cabinets need to be remodelled in the future but you are short on cash right now. why not try this out

You’ll save a lot of money compared to replacement or even refacing. You may expect to save even more money if you intend on painting your kitchen cabinets yourself. Even the cheapest cabinets for a 10X12 foot kitchen may easily cost over $5000, and that’s before installation and new countertops. You may discover that your new cabinets aren’t of the same excellent quality as your previous ones.

Even refacing, which entails veneering your existing cabinet boxes and replacing outdated drawers and doors, would set you back about $3500. If you opt to paint your kitchen cabinet, the cost of supplies such as brushes, priming, and paint would be about $200. Expect to spend about $1000 extra if you hire a professional to paint your kitchen cabinet.

However, painting kitchen cabinets will not assist if you have a bad kitchen design or structural problems. When you have inexpensive cabinets, they age and become weak, much as individuals do as they become older. When thin sides and backs are used, they are often veneered with vinyl paper, which may peel. A particleboard cabinet bottom or shelf that is too small may droop or even shatter. Hanging rails, particularly on the top cabinets, may also become loose.

You can simply replace doors and drawers, but if your cabinets have structural issues, they aren’t a suitable candidate for refinishing or much else. It is preferable to just replace them. However, if the damage to the cabinets is confined to worn surfaces, nicks and scratches, and minor dents, a fresh coat of paint may perform wonders. If you decide to paint your kitchen cabinets, don’t forget to replace your old kitchen hardware with new ones so that the whole kitchen has a bright and fresh appearance.