Lipo – At a Glance

Lipo, or just lipo, is a form of cosmetic surgery used in plastic surgery for the removal of unwanted fat cells. There are some common misconceptions about this procedure that need to be dispelled. Liposuction does not change one’s weight; it simply redistributes the fat. There are no studies to suggest that excess liposuction has an effect on obesity or fat-related health problems. life is the most commonly performed cosmetic surgery. For more details click Lipo.

In order to perform live successfully, a small incision is made in the skin, typically around the nipple, to remove the fat. An instrument, called a cannula, is then inserted into the incision. The cannula is a thin flexible tube with a small diameter that can be removed and examined under a microscope. The surgeon uses this tool to suck out the fat cells. Some fat cells are simply sucked away from the body and excreted, while some fat cells are pushed deeper into the skin.

Because the cannula is so small, the surgeon must be careful not to puncture the skin, which can cause infection. The tissue is also delicate, so any cuts made will have to be perfectly straight to avoid causing scarring. This is why it is very important to watch the procedure as the cannula is inserted and removed. Any discomfort from the liposuction is usually temporary, especially if the doctor uses anesthetics to help relieve any pain.