Guns & Violence – Important Reminder!

Gun-related crime is any violence committed with the usage of a gun. Gun-related crime can be either criminal or non-criminal. Criminal violence includes murder, manslaughter, intentional homicide, domestic violence, robbery, burglary, vandalism, carjacking, sexual assault, kidnapping, hostage-taking, and other forms of felonious assault, murder, manslaughter, assault and battery, etc. Non-criminal gun violence is any violence that does not involve the use of a weapon. Linked here

For some reason we still allow people to own guns whether they commit crimes or not. This should change because not only are firearms inherently dangerous but putting guns in the hands of people who cannot control them puts lives at risk. I think the problem that we have with firearm violence is that too many people feel that if it happened with my child that they would get a ticket or go to jail, but that is not true with gun violence. There are too many studies of post-office shootings, suicides, school shootings, and the death of children at daycare centers to ignore.

It appears that there have been more deaths by gun violence in the United States this year than in all the years of gun violence since the Columbine tragedy. There were more reported suicides in the month of January compared to all of the other months combined. There were more reported deaths by a firearm this year than there have been in over 20 years. In fact, we have not had a single mass shooting in the United States this calendar year. This is one year where we have had multiple school shootings.