Finding ADHD Treatment Without Drugs

ADHD therapy without medication is the ideal alternative for several parents of children with attention deficit hyperactivity disorder, and the good news is that there are many simple treatment choices. Online Psychiatrist in Houston has some nice tips on this.

Unfortunately, most doctors will choose drug-based therapies first, last, and every phase in between. If your child exhibits ADHD symptoms, you have other options, including the following:

Brain Exercise

One of the difficulties that people with ADHD face is trouble concentrating their minds on particular tasks. Brain training addresses this task with the aim of teaching this ability in order to provide ADHD care without the use of medications. A course of therapy is known to be 40 sessions on average.

For each session, electrodes are mounted at different points on the participant’s head, and they watch a screen that offers direct feedback if their attention wanders. As their ability to focus increases, they are “rewarded” with more beautiful images, a more beautiful scene to watch, and so on. It is hoped that if they have learned to remain focused during sessions, they will be able to apply that ability in other situations.

Homeopathic Treatments

Homeopathy is one of the options for many people who choose to pursue ADHD care without medications. Homeopathy is a treatment approach based on Samuel Hahnemann’s work that holds that taking very dilute amounts of a particular herb that triggers similar symptoms in a healthy person will help the body learn how to prevent specific illnesses.

Certain homoeopathic treatments are intended to help people with ADHD concentrate better, feel calmer, and focus for longer periods of time. Verta alba, arson iod, and hyoscaymus are common ingredients used in the treatment of ADHD and should be present in any natural remedy you try.