Category: Medical Marijuana

Marijuana, often known as herb, hemp, or mushroom, is made from the leaves and flowers of a plant called Cannabis sativa. Despite the fact that marijuana ownership is illegal in many countries, including the United States, medical marijuana vaporizers have […]

Medical marijuana refers to medicinal cannabis and/or Cannabidiol-based compounds that are approved by doctors for their patients with debilitating medical conditions. Some of these include glaucoma, cancer, seizures, and nausea and / or pain management for AIDS, chemotherapy, and other […]

When you’re looking for a place to purchase medical marijuana, you need to do some research before choosing a particular Dispensary. There are many different types of Dispensaries out there. Recreational marijuana is illegal in some jurisdictions and therefore may […]

While many individuals feel that medical marijuana has certain advantages, there aren’t enough trials to confirm its efficacy in alleviating pain in patients. The American Medical Association has asked the government to reconsider marijuana’s designation as a Schedule I substance […]

Before you may open a medical marijuana shop in, you must complete a number of procedures and meet regulatory requirements. A non-profit licence is required for a marijuana dispensary in, however it is not required in. If you’re considering opening […]

Where can you find a Marijuana Dispensary? There are dozens of Marijuana Dispensaries located throughout most large cities. They are easy to find because they are strategically placed near businesses, schools, parks, and other places that have marijuana use on […]

A licenced patient may or may not need to visit a medical marijuana dispensary, depending on the legislation in his or her state. Section 11362.5.d of the Health and Safety Code mandates that patients and caregivers grow their own medicinal […]