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Just before selecting a cancer therapy, we have to explain what cancer basically is. Cancers are primitive cells growing in a diminished oxygen environment. Treating cancer implies reversing the impact of this lack of oxygen. Oxidative stress is the root […]

The conventional medical treatments for Peripheral Artery Disease are prescription drugs that can only stall the progress of the disease (not cure it), and invasive surgery involving the implantation of a Stent (Angioplasty), that usually only provides temporary relief. Center […]

Each year, plastic surgeons complete either an internship or a training program in general surgery. Internships allow the surgeons to practice in an actual hospital. This hands-on experience is invaluable in preparing the plastic surgeons for their role in a […]

The name of the profession of Physiotherapist provides the hint. They assist and treat people who are suffering from physical ailments caused by a variety of factors such as illness, accidents, or old age.Learn more by visiting physio near me […]

Sleep Apnea is a common health problem with over 20% of the adult population affected. Most people who have this problem complain of having difficult, shallow breathing during their sleep. They also experience tiredness and irritability the next day due […]

Arm pain refers to any kind of arm, hand, or shoulder pain or stiffness that extends from the finger to the shoulder. The bodies are made up of bones, muscles, arms, ligaments, tendons, skins, nervous system, blood pressure, blood, and […]