Unknown Facts About Southern Custom Shutters

Shutters come in a range of materials to fit any decor taste and lifestyle needs, whether decorative or practical. Custom cedar shutters can be made to order and installed on the inside or outside of a building. The Savannah Plantation is a beautiful exterior option offered by the Custom Shutter Company. This elegant shutter is not only attractive but also a practical louvre shutter that is movable, drawing on the retro look of days gone by. It is made of Western Red Cedar, which is naturally resistant to the ravages of time and the elements, and provides the owner with an excellent choice for protecting and accenting their window. This company also sells a Batten type shutter made of the same Western Red Cedar that provides a great protective barrier for those living near the coasts during hurricane season. Browse this site listing about Southern Custom Shutters (Tacoma)
Composite shutters, in addition to custom cedar shutters, are an attractive and practical choice. Shutters made of composite materials have the same charm and authentic look as solid wood shutters, but they don’t need any maintenance. Typically, wooden shutters need yearly maintenance; however, these shutters are typically built with a solid composite material core and then painted with an automotive-grade finish. This combination offers an unrivalled choice for those who want the look of an authentic shutter without the hassle of regular maintenance and upkeep. They, too, come in a variety of models, including batten, raised frame, D-groove, and louvre, to suit a wide range of preferences for custom cedar shutters.
Vinyl shutters can also be used instead of custom cedar shutters. These shutters are available in a wide variety of colours, shapes, and sizes from a number of companies. They’re also available pre-painted to match your current trim. The majority of them come with a forty-year warranty, which gives the owner peace of mind. This means that the shutters will never fade, crack, or break, and that they will never need to be scraped or painted. These incredibly versatile shutters give any home a lot of curb appeal. There are a variety of choices for the interior of one’s house, including roll up, roll down, and motorised shades or blinds.