Sarasota Dental Implants- Info

Dental implants are artificial parts that replace teeth. They are used for replacing one or more missing teeth with a tooth or teeth in their place. A dental implant is essentially a metallic part that interfaces directly with the patient’s bone or jaw to support a dental appliance like a crown, bridges, dentures or even to serve as an artificial root canal anchor. A dental implant can be made from different materials like titanium, dentin, porcelain or acrylic and comes in various shapes and sizes. Before any procedure, the dentist assesses your oral health, the state of your teeth and gums and takes into account any underlying diseases or conditions that may be affecting your oral health. Patients who are considered a candidate for dental implants need to meet certain criteria before they can be approved for surgery. For more details click Sarasota Dental Implants.

The most common kind of dental implants involves those that take the form of a screw fixing directly into the bone. This is called a post fixing and is attached to the jawbone. They are most commonly used for patients whose jaws do not close properly or are abnormally shaped. For these patients, a prosthetic that fits over the jaw and is secured by screws is often a suitable solution. When a tooth is removed, the patient will still have some of the front teeth remaining and they may require surgery to restore the gap between them. Similarly, in the case of a knocked-out or otherwise damaged jaw bone, dental implants may involve the creation of a simulated tooth for the adjacent jaw to attach to.

There are several other forms of dental implants available as well including those that use a false tooth as a supporting device and those that use teeth from adjacent teeth. In the case of the former type called a capsular tooth implant, a dentist creates a false tooth, usually made of porcelain or acrylic, which is used to fill the gap between missing teeth. The crown then covers and protects the fake tooth, ensuring that the adjacent teeth are securely in place. The last type of implant is known as the space maintainers and it involves the cementing of synthetic teeth into the gums.