Podiatrist – Foot Surgeon

To treat and perform surgery to relieve serious cases of foot pain, a podiatrist’s surgical services may be needed. The foot carries the entire weight of the human body, making it more vulnerable to pressures, debilitating injuries, and deformities. Healthy feet allow you to participate in activities comfortably and easily, as well as live a healthy lifestyle that fits your personality. However, ignoring or failing to care for one’s feet can lead to a variety of foot problems, including bunion pain, painful toenails, and fungal toenail infection. A podiatrist surgeon has researched and been qualified to diagnose and treat foot and lower leg conditions, illnesses, and accidents. Visit the website Movement 101 Marrickville – Marrickville physiotherapist

Some foot conditions, such as calluses, corns, or flat feet, do not necessitate surgery. Surgery, on the other hand, may be the only solution prescribed by a podiatrist surgeon for complications that cause extreme pain and considerable distress to patients. Podiatrists commonly perform foot surgery procedures for arthritic joints, ankle sprains, and ingrown toenails. According to the American Podiatric Medical Association (APMA), most women get bunion pain from wearing high-heeled, narrow-toed shoes; bunion surgery is used to treat this bone enlargement at the base of the big toe.

A podiatrist surgeon may also recommend surgery for foot infections that are difficult to treat due to the biochemical complexity of the extremity and the underlying circumstances that cause the infections. Fungal toenail infection, for example, is fairly common and causes the nails to deform, discolour, weaken, peel, and even cause toenail loss. When fungus has made its way underneath the nail, the condition is difficult to treat; in this case, a podiatry surgeon can use laser therapy. Because of advancements in laser treatment for fungal toenail infection, this is now a viable technique with promising outcomes. After a few sessions, a new healthy nail will usually begin to grow.