Local SEO – Explained

Local search engine optimization or SEO is like global SEO in that it relates to a site or a particular web page’s ranking in the search results, often referred to as the “organic” or “unpaid” listings. Global SEO refers to the use of paid advertising such as pay-per-click advertising and sponsored links to achieve higher placements. The two are not unrelated. Many businesses make the mistake of thinking they can conduct global SEO with less effort and lower costs than local SEO. view publisher site

However, there are many differences between the two. Global optimization places more emphasis on a website’s placement in the organic or paid results of major search engines like Google. Local SEO, by contrast, is concerned with the actual positioning of a site – be it on the first page of Google or within the different regional listings. This means local optimization includes elements like SEO friendly web copy, link building (the process of attracting one’s website to other websites), content optimization, physical location optimization, and of course, keyword marketing. All these are important for achieving higher rankings. While there are several tools that exist to help with all of these components, they are not tools for localized optimization.

One of the biggest mistakes made by businesses doing SEO locally is assuming their customers care about rankings. The truth is that most consumers care less about rankings and a lot more about getting the information they need quickly and accurately. While it may be true that a higher ranking has meaning to an individual, most consumers don’t place importance on search engines. They just want to know that the information they need is readily available to them, rather than having to wade through search results or spend their time trying to understand what the ranking is meant to mean. While it is true that a higher ranking may be of benefit to a local business, most consumers won’t pay much attention to the ranking at all – they just want to know where they can find the information they need.