Live Wedding Streaming Services

Aren’t weddings wonderful? Love is in the air, and your whole family and circle of friends has gathered to show their love and be there for you on your special day. But what if not everybody is able to attend? What if your family and friends are spread across the country, or even the globe? That’s where the latest live online streaming technologies will help. Wedding streaming is not a novel idea, but it is a novel option. The concept is simple: broadcast your wedding live online using the same technology as you would with Skype or any other video chat service.

You may wonder where the snags come from. Let’s get a little more scientific, shall we? The most significant difference is that the bride and groom will not be using a machine. You’ll need a fairly good webcam to get a decent enough shot of them when they’re up at the alter. There are a few cameras on the market that can be used as a webcam for live streaming weddings. However, since this is not your usual point-and-shoot wedding videographer, operating the settings also requires a fairly technical individual.Checkout Orlando Live Streaming Company for more info.

The next hurdle you’ll face in streaming your wedding is maintaining a stable and secure internet connection. You would be secure if you are attempting to watch a wedding indoors and the venue has wireless internet. What if you’re outside, though? Let’s say the location doesn’t have a strong signal or doesn’t have any internet at all. The right compression and aircard come into play here. While streaming the wedding service, you’ll need a service that can take a big video file, shrink it, and convert it to a web-based format on the fly. Some of these services are free, but they include advertisements or restrict the number of people who can watch them, or both. You can avoid these problems by paying for a service, but the cost can quickly add up.

An aircard can help with a sluggish, slow, or non-existent internet connection. These are available from the majority of mobile phone providers. You get internet via satellite, and there is internet everywhere there is cell coverage. This is an additional unwelcome expense, as it can easily approach the cost of your cell phone contract. Also, keep an eye out for overages, as video streaming will quickly consume your allotted bandwidth.

The last problem you’ll have to deal with is audio. You might not expect it, but audio might end up being the most costly component of this project. Since you won’t be able to use your device’s built-in mic unless you stand up at the alter with the bride and groom holding a computer, you’ll need to purchase a microphone and a converter to convert the analogue signal to digital so you can stream it with the recording. For inexperienced wedding streamers, video and audio are often taken separately, causing nothing but headaches.