The kitchen is the heart of the house, but it’s also the room that takes the most punishment: grease, oil, flour, you name it! Focusing on the kitchen first is a perfect way to improve the feel of your house, whether you want to sell it or just want to freshen it up. If you’re installing a new kitchen, choose the tiles early on in the design process rather than after the fact; this will save you money and make the kitchen flow better. read the post offers excellent info on this.

Following the kitchen, the bathroom is considered the next most important space to address; a basic white bathroom suite with beautiful tiles doesn’t cost the earth and really adds the wow factor to a home. If you go into any modernised home built by a property developer, you’ll see how the use of unique and fascinating tiles can really bring a home to life. It wasn’t long ago that the selection of tiles was very limited; now, the selection is virtually limitless, and we can choose tiles from any age. Beautiful Victorian style tiles are still around, or you can find space age chrome finished tiles to match your chrome kitchen fixtures. Tile design and manufacture is something to get excited about, and Italy is still leading the way with their new techniques and expanding the limits of tile manufacturing and design. Tiles range in scale from small mosaics to massive tiles that are nearly a metre tall. The larger the tile, the better, as less grout to clean is always a plus. Larger tiles, when placed in a pleasing pattern, give the illusion of a larger space in a small space. Floor tiles have progressed almost as much as wall tiles, and since house insulation has changed so much, people are turning to cheap and effective underfloor heating (just as the Romans did) to add a sense of comfort to every home. Floor tiles are the most durable floor covering available, as they do not stain or label easily.