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A licenced patient may or may not need to visit a medical marijuana dispensary, depending on the legislation in his or her state. Section 11362.5.d of the Health and Safety Code mandates that patients and caregivers grow their own medicinal marijuana. In Arizona, patients or primary caregivers can only produce their own medicinal marijuana if there is no dispensary within a 25-mile radius of their home. Marijuana regulations differ by state, so verify yours first. Use Google Maps to discover the nearest medical marijuana dispensary, or better yet, search for all approved medical marijuana dispensaries. Check Dispensaries Near Me.

Choose three or four dispensaries in your area (their numbers have increased to keep up with demand-for example, Sacramento medical marijuana dispensaries now number as many as 80). Once you’ve located your potential dispensaries on the map, you can contact them by phone or email to inquire about their services or to inform them of your medical condition (some dispensaries offer expert advice and prescribe strains designed to suit a certain patient’s condition). You can also schedule a visit because most of them welcome walk-in customers.

When visiting your favourite dispensary, don’t forget to bring your doctor’s prescription for medicinal marijuana as well as any identification.

Prepare yourself for a new experience each time you visit a dispensary. There is still no standardisation for medical marijuana shops, so one may resemble a medical clinic or pharmacy, while another may resemble a mom-and-pop shop. They always search for people who are professional in their client transactions, no matter how they appear. Their employees (or’budtenders’) should be able to answer inquiries and suggest the optimal strain or variety of medicinal marijuana for your ailment.

Your medical condition will also determine how the drug should be administered, including whether it should be smoked, ingested, sipped, or breathed as a vapour. That implies a pharmacy that sells a wide range of medicines (rather than just buds and leaves) is a plus.

The pharmacy employees will be courteous and pleasant as well. Choose a dispensary with a strong sense of community, as their founders intended medical marijuana dispensaries to be a relaxing, healthful environment where sick patients could rest and socialise with others. Patients need medicine not just for their health, but also for the support of friends and community, which is why many cause-oriented dispensaries have neighbourhood outreach initiatives to help others.

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