Important Element for Walk-In Tub Installer-South-eastern Walk-In Tubs

As a result, before making a purchase, double-check that your walk-in tub package will be insured by a shipping company. Before unpacking the walk-in tub, make sure the package is free of visible damage. The installer must inspect the package for any dents or scratches.Do you want to learn more? Visit Walk-in Tub Installer-Southeastern Walk-In Tubs

Despite the fact that walk-in bathtubs are typically made of heavy-duty acrylic and/or fibreglass, the plumbing connections are typically fragile and must be handled with care and caution. Plumbing connections should never be used to lift walk-in tubs; doing so could result in future leaks. Before beginning the installation, carefully read the warranty explanation. Some businesses may refuse to accept the return. Once you’ve verified that your walk-in bathtub arrived safely and without visible damage, you can move on to the testing phase, which consists of only a few simple steps.

Even though walk-in tubs are typically tested at the factory, damage to the plumbing connections can occur during transportation or packaging. A flat surface and an area wide enough to allow access to the walk-in tub from all sides in case of a leak and drain the tub after the testing process are needed for a full test of the walk-in bathtub.

After filling the walk-in tub with water for 25-30 minutes, inspect the walk-in tub and drain for any leaks or damage.

If the tub is jetted, switch on the power to the walk-in unit and let it run for 10 minutes before checking for leaks. Inspect the unions around the pump; if leaks persist after tightening, loosen the unions and double-check that the O-ring is properly seated. If the pumps aren’t working, double-check that the cable is attached and that the electrical breaker is turned on.

Move on to the installation preparation stage now that the tub has been tested. It’s important to have the walk-in tub fully ready for installation. Significant electrical safety precautions must be taken in addition to normal walk-in tub maintenance. Please clean the tub of any dust or dirt that may have accumulated during shipment before continuing. If you order a walk-in bathtub made in the United States, it should come with four levelling feet. Adjust the level of the walk-in tub as required.