Hiring The Best Chicago Fashion Photographers

Fashion photography is a subset of photography that focuses on photographing apparel and other fashion goods for ads or magazines. As the fashion photography genre has progressed, so has the style and quality of the shoots, with exotic settings and extras such as automobiles or animals used to draw attention to the outfits. Find more information Cream Studios – Chicago Fashion Photographers

Commercial photographers operate with a blank canvas in the studio. They have complete control over every aspect of their shot, from the backdrop to the mood and ambiance created by the lighting. Studio flash units, on their own, merely provide a high-powered burst of artificial daylight that may be positioned and tweaked using a variety of attachments to alter the light quality.

Things are completely different on the ground. The quality of natural lighting is mostly determined by the weather. Apart from planning ahead, the photographer’s best bet is to adapt to the current ambient lighting circumstances and, if necessary, adjust the quality. At its most basic level, this implies that dim lighting will need to be brightened, while strong illumination will need to be softened via reflectors, portable flash, or a mix of the two.

Although the model must look excellent, the fashion photographer’s customer will be looking at the quality of the lighting on his or her merchandise – the outfits. It is up to photographers to make the most of the natural lighting available at a given site.

Snow scene as a case study

Shooting for an Autumn/Winter in the Alps around 4pm, the sun would ordinarily be very high in the sky, but the angle is significantly lowered at this height. The sun is at a 90-degree angle to the left of the camera when the model is photographed. Shadows are well defined and harsh edged since there is no cloud cover to soften the light. I positioned my assistant to the right of the camera with a 48in reversible gold/silver Lastolite reflector to bounce some light back into the shadows to soften the effect. Gold reflectors are commonly employed to warm up a subject, such as by giving a model’s skin a golden shine.