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The term “therapeutic exercise” is used in conjunction with education to define physical activity that improves health and quality of life. Exercises vary from aerobics, to yoga and Pilates to weight training and circuit training. It also covers normal strength training like weightlifting and bodybuilding.You may find more information at Hendersonville therapeutic exercise.

The term therapeutic exercise can be used to refer to a variety of exercises that improve cardiovascular fitness and all-round fitness for people who are healthy and physically active but may not be in good physical condition for other types of exercises (e.g. if a person has been inactive through old age or is in a chronic disease, or if the heart and circulatory system are in need of rest). This can also apply to those who may be physically active but have one or more underlying conditions that affect their ability to exercise in an appropriate way.

Typical therapeutic exercise programs include stretching exercises and strengthening exercises. Stretching exercises help to increase range of motion, joint mobility and flexibility, while strengthening exercises help to build and preserve muscle mass. Strength exercises are usually done in conjunction with stretching and are used to promote and maintain normal muscular function. Flexibility exercises are designed to increase the range of motion of joints and to reduce pain and stiffness of the muscles, ligaments and tendons. These are some of the major categories of exercises that are used for therapeutic exercise.

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