Guide to Fort Worth Criminal Attorney

A criminal lawyer is an attorney specializing in the defense of people and businesses charged with criminal offense. Criminal defense lawyers represent clients who have been accused of crimes ranging from minor to major offenses. Criminal defense lawyers also offer advice to individuals about the rights offered under various laws and assist their clients in defending themselves against criminal charges that may have been brought against them.I strongly suggest you to visit Fort Worth Criminal Attorney to learn more about this.

One of the most common charges brought against defendants is DUI/DWI (driving while intoxicated or while under the influence of drugs). According to Professor Jeffrey F. Volkmer, “A large number of drunk-driving cases are dismissed because police officers cannot make a reasonable judgment about the suspect’s state of intoxication.” In some cases, the suspect’s blood alcohol level may be so low that he does not meet the state’s impairment requirement for driving. Other times, the suspect may not actually be impaired at all, but may simply be unaware of his or her condition. Either way, the defendant should retain a qualified lawyer who can evaluate the case and advise his or her clients about their rights.

Another common criminal law charge is theft. Many times an accused person has been accused of stealing a small amount of money from another without realizing that the item was stolen. In many instances, a person who is accused of this crime will attempt to explain their actions to the court in an attempt to explain why they did not realize that the item was stolen. Unfortunately, in many jurisdictions, it has been increasingly difficult for people to defend themselves when accused of this crime. With the help of a competent and experienced criminal law lawyer, many people who have been accused of this crime can successfully defend themselves. The average salary for someone working in a legal practice devoted to criminal law is quite high, with lawyers typically earning approximately forty thousand dollars per year.


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