Cleaning Tips for Sidewalks and Driveways

Can you recall when your driveway and sidewalk were first installed? Can you recall how lovely it was? It was flawless. Years later, the concrete sidewalk and driveway are in a terrible state. The stains are extensive, and instead of being a lovely white-ish colour, the driveway is almost black, or a dark grey, depending on how heavily used it is.

Regardless of how bad your concrete sidewalks and driveways look, you don’t want to take on the task of cleaning them, particularly if they’re concrete. Because of its high absorbency, concrete is one of the most difficult materials to clean. It would be a little simpler if you had the right tools, but there is still a lot of physical work involved. You’ll need special cleaners and sealers designed especially for cleaning concrete if you want the job to look professional.Feel free to find more information at Sidewalk Contractorsin.
Make sure you have a power washer on hand.

If you don’t have a power washer, you won’t be able to clean concrete because your home water hose would simply not suffice. If you don’t have a power washer and don’t know someone who can lend one to you, but don’t want to buy one, go to your nearest hardware or home improvement store and rent one. It would be almost impossible to properly clean your sidewalks and driveway without a power washer.
Prepare to do a lot of physical work.
Cleaning any aspect from sidewalks and driveways is difficult and requires a lot of physical effort on your part. Prepare to work on your sidewalk and driveway cleaning project for many hours. It’s not a simple or fast task, and if you’re not careful and manage your time well, it could easily take a whole day to complete. It could take two days depending on the number of sidewalks and the size of the sidewalks and driveways.
Cleaners and sealants are available for purchase.
If you’re cleaning concrete, you’ll want to invest in concrete-specific cleaners and sealants. You will get the concrete cleaner to a far higher degree than if you used a regular cleaner if you have an appropriate cleaner. The sealant is optional, but it is recommended. After the concrete sidewalks and driveway have been properly washed, use the sealant to treat them. This would simply help them keep their new, fresh appearance for a longer period of time and may even avoid cracking.
Cleaning your own sidewalks and driveways can become a significant undertaking, so be mindful of this before embarking on such a DIY project. If the labour is too much for you, or you don’t want to spend hours on a job that requires you to hire a power washer, you could outsource the job to a local contractor or, at the very least, a neighbourhood young boy for some pocket money.