Boat -Brief Notes

A boat is usually a boat of a smaller class of sorts, but in general much smaller than a yacht, which is more distinguishable by its larger size, greater shape, passenger or cargo capacity, or its capacity to carry more boats. While a yacht has sails on it, a boat has none. It does not have a motor. A boat also has the function of moving forward, although it has been known to stop if the water becomes too rough. It can move at different speeds. Learn more on painting a boat.

The first type of boat that anyone would probably call a boat is the personal watercraft. This could be a small personal watercraft such as a cabin cruiser or even a launch boat that is used for recreational purposes. These are generally the easiest boats to get in and out of, and they generally require the least amount of docking.

Then there is the commercial vessels. These would be vessels such as cargo ships, fishing vessels, dredgers, liners, tankers, ferries, cruises, and other sea-going vessels. A dock is not available for these vessels, therefore they cannot be docked at a marina.. Most marinas will allow boats with a single mast and twin engine types. For this reason, boats can be smaller than thirty feet long. These boats can be used for things such as personal house boating and dock access in addition to general float plan vessels.