Aurora Landscapers – A Landscaping History

The Landscape Architecture of the Great Painters of Italy in 1828, the terms “landscape architecture” were employed. This was the first time that anybody realised that a connection existed between landscaping and architecture and that landscape design might really be an art alone. In painting and gardens design, the Italians painted the landscapes meticulously created. Frédéric Olmstead and Calvert Vaux then defined “land architecture” as the professional job of planting, shaping, water, pavement, and other natural and man-made structures for a composition. These guys designed Central Park and in 1863 were formally called “land architects.” Soon after, Europe took up and architects of the landscape all over the world began to practise.Do you want to learn more? Visit Westfield Landscape Co. – Aurora Landscapers

Landscaping is now a global profession and is also represented by organisations such as the International Federation of Architects of Landscape. However, landscaping has grown and applies not just to public areas and global marvels, but almost every house may have a well-designed landscape. Even fine arts and architecture of the landscape were linked through the centuries, because people were gradually realising how the creative idea, design, theories and aesthetic rules and standards also need the professional as well as the technical elements used in fine arts. Computers introduced in the twentieth century revolutionised the fine arts as well as landscape and, before they were used, landscape architects may view and feel their whole 3D design. Since the late 20th century, many formatting applications for scanning and printing, the broad range of digital drawing, picture and site video solutions and the near-endless internet reach have changed research and engagement in the sharing of creative aims. The project team, clients and worldwide participants also worked well in communicating and collaborating. Landscaping always enhances the quality of the physical environment of the people in an increasingly material world, provided that they have a feeling of nature.