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Handyman services are defined as those services a handyman provides that improve the quality of life for others. While these services do not necessarily involve physical construction, many handymen are considered specialists who provide a range of general repairs and improvement projects. Philadelphia Handyman Services has some nice tips on this. A handyman may be defined by an agency as a licensed contractor, with specific experience in building construction. A handyman may also be defined by an agency as an individual who engages in a specific trade (house handyman, window installation, etc. ), or he may be defined by an agency as a tradesperson having specific training in a particular trade (plumber, electrician, carpenter).

Handyman services can be broadly categorized into two main categories: Handyman services that involve physical repair and building maintenance; and professional service. A handyman who carries out only small scale repair works may be considered a general repair worker, while a building maintenance worker may be considered a specialist by a particular agency. An example of a handyman service that involves physical work would be painting a wall. The general contractor may carry out all of the initial planning and preparation of the job, while a house handyman would either conduct the actual painting, or act as a subcontractor to another individual who does the actual work. In this instance the handyman would be considered the primary contractor.

The second category of handyman services involves professional service, specifically building maintenance and repair work. Professional handyman services involve a range of tasks such as landscape maintenance, exterior home improvement, foundation repair, and much more. A professional handyman service may also be referred to as a specialty contractor, which means that instead of carrying out only small scale repair works, the handyman service is specifically trained and experienced in carrying out major construction and repair works. Contractors, on the other hand, may choose to specialize in only one type of task, such as foundation repair, or in a broad scope of tasks, thereby reducing their overall workload.

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