About Over The Top Roofing

Any reputable roofing contractor will gladly provide you with referrals from previous customers who were pleased with their service. They will also provide you with the addresses of recent roofing ventures in your area so you can see their work in person rather than relying on photos or word of mouth. For more details click Over The Top Roofing.

Never sign a contract with a roofing contractor unless you have everything in writing, including the exact work to be completed, the agreed-upon dates for beginning and finishing the job, the disposal of any waste materials generated during the project, warranties or assurances on the new roof, and payment conditions.

Before making your final decision, compare the bids of three separate firms. If the roofing contractor does not provide you with a written contract outlining the project and the agreed-upon fees, do not agree to make any payments or sign any contracts. Following the above checklist would significantly increase the chances of being fulfilled with your new roof and its lifetime.

It is always preferable to hire a local roofer because he is already familiar with the weather conditions in your city. Your local contractor is likely to be familiar with the most common installation issues as well as the types of roofs that are ideally suited for homes in your area. He will also be familiar with the local code and how to follow it. Selecting a local service provider could be more convenient and effective.